Six Word Mantra

Six Word Mantra

Post No 100

The first wins are important and after that then it becomes easy. My belief is the first 100 steps are crucial, then it becomes your second nature to follow those habit patterns. Like this one where I have started to pen my thoughts daily. It has become like a journal for me where I talk about Reading, Writing and Marketing. My thoughts are also around how I cut the slack (the temptations, habits which are not taking you anywhere etc), I am defining what’s the path on which I will walk and I am sticking to that mission.

The six-word mantra which I have created for myself: Read, Write, Market and Cut, Define and Stick serves as a big reminder for me. From now on, the number does not matter, it’s all about showing up every day, not for you, but myself.

☕And on another note, I have brought my three cups of caffeine to two cups a day. Cheers!


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