If you have lost Material possessions, there is a chance that you can get it back. But time? Time once wasted, never comes back.

When you say Yes to something, you are saying No to so many other things. A popular quote which you might have heard.

✨I was listening to the Podcast of Yaag and Seth which is an amazing one, please do take some time out and listen to it.

To one of Yaag’s questions on how should people get in touch with Seth, Seth replies,

”No need. There are 8000+ blogs on my website and regularly featured Podcasts on Akimbo.”

I was indeed dumbstruck by this statement. And I am sure you would have understood the hidden meaning in his words.

Earlier I used to get flustered when people whom I admired and were there in my influencer list, did not reply. However, slowly I understood, that the time is limited and they are out there to create awesome learning content for all of us. They must have answered our questions and comments in one of the materials which they might have posted before or might be coming up. Rather than fretting over no response, let’s learn from how they are spending their time and leaving a trail behind.

Seth’s podcast with Yaag which was turned in a blog as well with excerpts


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