How to Finish what you have started?

How to Finish what you have started?

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“It was telling, for example, to hear Alex, who is a writer, talk about the work ethic he modeled for his children: “To finish things, you have to put the work in. When I was younger, I’d meet many people who were writing stuff. They’d say to me, “Oh yeah, I am a writer as well, but I’ve never finished anything.’ Well, in that case, you are not a writer. You are just somebody who sits down and writes things on a bit of paper. If you’ve got something to say, go ahead and say it and finish it.”

When I read these lines written by Angela Duckworth, it reinstated the fact that:

💠Though starting is very important, finishing something is equally very important. This reminded me of my days when I had started so many concepts and abandoned them midway when I did not get any results from it.

💠This is one of the issues which multitaskers also face, they are working on so many projects, that reaching the finishing line becomes so difficult and painful. I did suffer from this issue, where I used to start one household work, and then grabbed another one and then some other clutter caught my attention, In the end, I had not cleaned up anything but had created more clutter.

💠I am glad that it reinforced my belief that multi-tasking does not help, and when you have taken up something, keep your word and bring that to finish.

💠Lot of unfinished tasks, and then jumping on to new ones, creates clutter and confusion in the mind.

💖My tip: take time before you start a project, analyse all the pros and cons, and then put your efforts into bringing life to it and then don’t forget to sweep it to the finishing line. Does not matter if you come last but it will give you the achievement high that you have completed the path.

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