How to Define your Purpose

How to Define your Purpose

Continuing with my learning from Jay Shetty’s Book, Think like a Monk and this time the topic revolves around Purpose and Vision.

Quoting the text from his book: Passion+ Expertise+ Usefulness=Dharma

If we’re only excited when people say nice things about our work, it’s a sign that we’re not passionate about the work itself. And if we indulge our interests and skills, but nobody responds to them, then our passion is without purpose. If either piece is missing, we’re not living our dharma.

I tried to connect my question with Jay’s statement. If I only get excited about my work, when I am showered with praises, then therein my passion does not lie. And if my passion is not able to solve any business problem or help the readers, then it does not bring value. Few initial thoughts came to my mind, which helped me develop my mission and vision:

💖No age is the best age to start something. The time and age are right when you feel so. At the age of 61, my mother knows how to attend Zoom calls without my help. My five-year-old son and seven-year-old daughter cruise through Microsoft Team effortlessly. The age factor does not come into play when you (really) want to learn something

💖Your biggest devil is your “MIND”. What if my efforts do not yield results? What if I fail? What if I am not successful commercially and many more deprecating self-talk which our mind forces us to get drowned in and then give up

To reach to the conclusion of Jay’s equation which I have quoted above, Time and Dedication are very important. So when I created a Punchline for myself: Read, Write and Market, I knew that on paper it looks like three simple words, but I need to have a strong commitment with myself, to bring reality to these three big goals. It did give shape to my purpose statement:

To Read, Write, Market, my creation so that it helps readers believe that with a step by step approach, this is attainable and in the end it helps me establish my brand.

Your purpose will leave you fulfilling and the time which you have invested in achieving it, will not leave you exhausted. You can trust me on that👍

I would also like to share Marie Forleo’s talk with Seth Godin which left me with goosebumps and tears. Seth Godin is one of the person who is my inspiration to “Show up every day for what I believe in”

Another food for thought is, google on Emma Slade’s awakening.

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