Connect the Dots

Connect the Dots

How are you doing with your 2022 Marketing Planning? πŸͺƒ

Over the weekend I watched a latest Bollywood movie and the last season of Money Heist. The genre of both the entertainment is poles apart, but it entertained me, stirred the right emotions. This made me realize if the content can strike the chord with the audience, the battle is won, and which is also the crux of superb storytelling. πŸ’₯

I was catching up on two bookmarked articles. In one of the article Dirk Schart lists six points on how different is better than better and how we marketers struggle to create the positioning. The point which stood for me from the article were Point 1 and Point 3

  1. Marketing is a battle of perceptions, not a battle of products ☁️
  2. Work on differentiators, not on features πŸ“’

And these two points so very well got woven into the findings which I read in another blog on ABM from Terminus

Worth keeping in my mind when 2022 planning is in the works!! πŸ’―

β€’ 70% of the buyer’s journey is done before outreach to sales is made. – SiriusDecisions

β€’ Only 0.75 percent of leads generated become closed revenue. – Forrester

β€’ 73% of B2B buyers consume between three to seven pieces of content before speaking with a salesperson. – Demand Gen Report

Makes sense? And while you are connecting the dots, I would like to share this article which Declan from Strategicabm shared with us. (and we all thought Dark Social is the newbie) πŸ’£ Dark social

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