Install the Latest Version

Install the Latest Version

We are so serious about the latest versions of the technology, that we never loose any time to get the devices upgraded.

Tom Peters in Brand YOU in his characteristic style remarks in his book:

“And your product portfolio must be constantly upgraded… dramatically upon occasion. Stale is as big a problem for you as it is for Hewlett-Packard.”

Hans Rosling in the book Factfulness:

***But the world will keep changing, and the problem of ignorant grown-ups will not be solved by teaching the next generation. What you learn about the world at school will become outdated within 10 or 20 years of graduating. So we must find ways to update adults knowledge too. In the car industry, cars are recalled when a mistake is discovered. You get a letter from the manufactureer saying, “We would like to recall your vehicle and replace the brakes.” When the facts about the world that you were taught in schools and universities become out of date, you should get a letter too: “Sorry, what we taught you is no longer true. Please return your brain for a free upgrade.”

Latest version for the technologies, but stone age version of the skillset.

⏫ When was the last time did you think to upgrade your skill set. It’s been ages since we had last seen the classroom. Isn’t it?


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