What is WD-40?

What is WD-40?

Raise your hand if you know what WD-40 stands for!

I did not know about it until I had to Google Search it. I was wondering how come it has come from Ann Handley and what it has to do with writing. I mean writing and WD-40. What’s the relation?

WD stands for Water Displacement and Norm Larsen, the founder of the product tried 40 times to get the product right! WD-40 was founded in 1953 and is still in use today. You can read the history here. I would love to hear your views on how you correlate WD-40 and writing!

My views on WD-40 and writing:

• Polish, Polish till it shines. That’s what Norm Larsen did. He did not lose hope and tried, tried till he succeeded. As Ann Handley and Stephen King say: the only way you can sharpen your writing skills is by sitting and writing!

o Underlying danger: Nothing is perfect, don’t take this as a reason, that because I do not find my work good enough, hence I did not publish my last 100 posts!

• What does WD-40 (the product) stand for? It has thousands of uses and gets the job done right. The underlying fact is it removes the dirt/ or any other unwanted material. Don’t shy away from editing, and get the “extra” words out. Be plain but not pompous.

Keep reading, keep writing and keep editing! Get your bottle of WD-40 out!

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