Are you a Buzzword Fan?

Are you a Buzzword Fan?

Do you love using Buzzwords? Are you the one who can not keep away from Marketing Jargons? In your sentence of ten words, at least five are jargons? Then this post is not for you!

Chapter 29 of Everybody Writes so satirically captures why one should buzzwords. Because the buzzwords only create music for you and are noise for the reader/ listener.

Though other people might differ with me on this. But my belief is, language should be simple enough that it relays the message.

Ann quotes William Strunk and E.B. White in The Elements of Style and explains that write for real people, using real words. These two paragraphs beautifully sum up the fascination with buzzwords!

“Why do we use buzzwords and jargon? Some of us might use them to mask our incompetence or insecurity. Some might think those are simply the words of business especially if their company sells to other businesses rather than to consumers. (But no business truly sells to another business, we all sell to people.)

Those words are the chemical additives of business writing online: You can use them, and maybe one or two used sparingly don’t matter much. But use too many of them and they become toxic.

I was so happy after reading from Ann! I can not explain the excitement. At least there was this one person out there who agreed with me!

If you are writing or communicating to confuse the other person or complicate or you are trying to “show-off” your rattle from the dictionary, trust me you will never achieve your objective. You will scare the shit out of that person and in the end that person will start avoiding you. Your rambling will be avoided and they have to try hard to “interpret your alien language”.

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