Book Review A Walk in the Rain

Rain is so symbolic. It can cheer you up and it can deflate your mood. And if I can take the liberty of equating this with the mysterious word called Love, then it can take you to great heights. But if you are not united with the love of your life, it kind of destructs your life.

The intertwining of the scenes, the characterization of Sunny and Saloni will seem to you like that yarn which was left abandoned by a three-year-old toddler. Toddler had fun playing with that yarn ball and then she was smart enough to get that one thread and there it started unfolding. After a while she lost the interest and then an adult had to patiently remove the knots and make it to a neat ball again.

The story flows in a similar pattern. Neat, messy and then neat again.

Our life gets hung up, it just gets stuck in a time when all what we had was snatched away. And then the entire life is spent in searching for those answers. Why, if, could and would govern the lives. Mind conversations and the power of mind amuses me and scares me at the same time. It can hold you from accepting the present and will keep on taking you in the past, in that hour where all was happy and rosy.The fathomed conversations tired me but that’s the truth which happens in everybody’s life. Mind is the creator and destructor.

If a messy yarn, does not scare you , do give this book a chance.

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