Book Review A Forgotten Affair

Readers are weird! I am a writer and a reader, so I can vouch for the queer way a reader’s mind works. Anything can click or turn them off! I loved the way A Forgotten Affair is printed. The font and the way it’s formatted. I know it’s a strange way to start the review but that’s the first thing which I liked about the book. The title did hint towards the fact that the lead character will be going through memory loss.

I was prepared that the book will unfold lot of dramatic situations and tempers will be running high. It’s like yesteryear’s movie where a person forgets everything, the people surrounding them leave no stone unturned that the past is completely wiped off and a fresh start is made. They do not realize that we have only one life and one memory. Another point to highlight is the naming convention of the characters. Sagarika, the lead character, her name reflects a certain sense of carefree nature, resolute in her mind but unsure of her decisions at few occasions. Rishabh, her husband, sounds like who is more business-like and everything to him translates into the money equation. Akash, who like his name is a wandering cloud. Roohi who is in search of the true meaning of her life. Love and Ego cannot exist together. This point is validated by the book.

Many a times the wish to control and reign over your partner’s thoughts and feelings, turns a person into a beast. The person thinks that he/she is on the right path but the reality is he is getting drowned into a deep chasm. Love is like a free flowing river and it cannot be forced. Be ready to witness lot of drama, characters who refuse to change, friendships turning sour and then forgotten relations emerging to rescue their soul mates. Most of the times we are faced with choices and there are two distinct paths. Both the options lead us in opposite directions. The choice is generally between head and heart. If we follow our heart, 99% of the time we are happy. If we go by reason, then 99% of the time we spend our lives justifying the logic why that was opted for. Only on rare occasions, life gives you a second chance to mend things and start all over again. Sagarika and Akash grabbed that opportunity and were determined not to lose each other this time.

This book is a good read. Kanchana keeps on entertaining the readers and suspense gets enfolded like different layers of onion!

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