Far from reality, too close to imagination!

Why were we in love with Snow White, Cindrella , Alice in Wonderland stories ? Because it used to transport straight into the world of magic where anything and everything is possible at the whoosh of a wand. (A hint of sublime truth here but let me take that point later) They were happy stories , where every element was present. It surprised us, made us sad, scared and happy. And in the end we used to wish and sigh to be forever there. Tejaswini created a world of “Possibilities” and that is possible when your creativity and imagination touches a different level altogether. In the beginning, honestly, I felt weird. Why? Because we try to relate to things. And if something does not seem to be realistic we shoo it away. Yes, this sad thing happen when we are mature and old. My daughter loves all the stories which I fabricate of jungle, animals and she enjoys them. She questions them as well but she does not reject them by saying “Animals do not speak. Mowgli cannot stay with wolves.” We adults do live in a miserable situation and I am glad that this book forced me to stop finding relatable characters and situations. At first I felt uneasy with the Homo Coleoptera and Cotton story, but then mind had to be unlocked and fresh air had to be ushered in to enjoy them. There are no rules in the writer’s world. If you enjoy what you are writing, I am sure you will find at least one reader who will thank you for writing that. Highly recommended. Unconventional characters. I can probably narrate the Cotton story to my kids someday before their mind gets corrupted with realism!!

‘I received a copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.’

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