Figuring Out Who You Are

Figuring Out Who You Are

Do you cringe when somebody asks you, “So what do you do?” even though you have been working for a decade? Do you wake up in the middle of the night feeling lost, hollow and clueless? When your kids are sleeping or busy by themselves, do you not know what to do during those hours? Does your life revolve around feeding and cleaning?

Do you aimlessly pass time on Facebook?

If you answered yes to even one of the questions, it’s time to sit back, relax and try to figure out who you are.

Let me help you in this daunting task.

Call up your sister or your closest friend and ask them, “Do you know who you are?” Why should you be the only one to make an attempt at this difficult question? At first, they might dismiss you as mad, but trust me, when you hang up the phone, they will be sitting silently and staring at the wall.

Google search “How to figure out who I am.” Google knows everything, and I am sure he can help you out.

Subscribe to ALL the blogs that have one or more posts talking about this subject.

Talk to fellow mothers about it when you meet them during evening strolls.

Do not underestimate the power of your WhatsApp groups. Feel free to do your research there and gather as much information as possible.

Join Facebook groups and Google Groups, then diligently read the shared materials.

Let’s not leave out the male fraternity from this very important discussion. Make an attempt to talk to your husband and guy friends.

Have a small talk with your kid.

Shop for encouraging stuff which can help you in this flowchart of discovery. Do not forget to buy a diary and make notes!

Initiate group meetings where the topic will strictly revolve around finding yourself. You should be the watchdog so that the audience does not drift to the subjects of kids, food, weight loss, how to keep kids engaged, etc.

Food should not be left out. Search for magic foods which enlighten the brain and spark energy.

After a week or fifteen days, check your notes. Do not get disappointed if you forgot to take notes. Check your phone — you might have entered some pearls of wisdom in your phone notes. There is a possibility that you will not find it there, either, and it will only be overflowing with grocery lists, important dates, etc.

If your girlfriends or other friends have made huge progress and are talking at length about this subject and how you helped make them aware of this journey, accept the remark graciously.

Take a cup of coffee, and do not fret over these petty issues. You figured out a long time ago who you are. By the way, who suggested this exercise and wasted your precious time and money? Let us send that person on this journey!

Jokes aside, sometimes bringing humour into complex situations does lighten up the scenario. But it does not wipe away the eternal question. It does, however, provide you with an alternate way of looking at the difficult side which we sometimes forget when we are concentrating too hard.

Now if you are a little relaxed, let’s re-look at this figuring out business. I feel pity for myself that I know the whole world but many times I fail to understand myself. It took me a little more than 35 years to scratch the edge and know what lies beneath. I believe I always wanted to be a writer. My mother recently read my two published books and she was a bit emotional when she took both the books in her hand. A confession came from her:

“I knew that you would be a writer one day as it was pretty evident from your secret diaries.”

You can imagine my reaction, as I was like, “OMG, Mom you used to read my diaries?! Not fair!”

Even my hubby was of the opinion that I should write. Only I was not sure for so many bygone years.

Take a deep breath, find some quiet time with yourself, and you will not regret taking this journey for yourself.

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