Ditch the Tummy Tucker

Ditch the Tummy Tucker

You have still not recovered from the aftermaths of becoming a mother, and that too twice, then how can you think about getting rid of the double chin and the tummy bulge!

There is a humor attached to the extra kilos which one carry; It denotes that you are doing good in life. Never ever take this statement seriously as it will humorously do more harm than you can ever anticipate!

When I was in my first year of motherhood, losing weight was, of course, the last priority. Yes, for few, it is the number one thing, the moment delivery happens, but all are different, so hence as I said that I was so overwhelmed with the fact that I had a C-section (imagine being me who used to drop dead only by the mention of an injection), I was scared that If I start doing some heavy weights, my stitches will rupture. Hence, I did not bother to think about it and went with a relaxed bent of mind. The body was just getting slimmer when I got the news that my second was on the way. So yes, with a toddler who has the energy to keep me on toes 24 hours, how on earth I will can imagine to even think about the weight loss.

When my son turned one, and I looked myself in the mirror, yes, I did this DARE act to stare at myself in the mirror, and needless to say I did look awful and HATED myself to the CORE. With acne (yes at the ripe age of 36), thinning of hair, skin tanned, the tummy pouch, it was a disgusting site to look at it. I felt like crying and did not know whom to blame. That’s a common scenario right, we always find something or the other to put blame on. For me easiest was, I am a working mother and I don’t have time.WOW, isn’t it. The easiest thing to say and try to escape from the situation. How can I take care of my family when I am not even thinking about HOW to eat/ WHAT to eat/ WHEN to eat and spare some time to exercise. Warning bells started ringing in my head and I thought it’s high time that I need to take things in my control by:

1. STOP EATING LEFTOVERS. Yes, written in bold. I hate wasting food and in this, I was becoming the dustbin

2. Say no to all the bakery items; cookies, cakes, different type of fancy bread etc

3. Exercise. Running around after kids, standing full day in the kitchen is NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR workout

4. Bring up the style quotient by buying different type of tummy tuckers

5. Invest in basic makeup items

I started following the above-mentioned tips. It did help me in at least taking care of myself. But I soon realized that the magic mantras are

  1. The best blushon, is the glow on your skin; and then is really inexpenice and you can get it easily when you do some serious workout (Please don’t immediately take the subscription of your neighborhood gym. Brisk walking, skipping, squats, step-running does wonder. All you need is; to invest in good shoes as per your body need) and eat healthily

2. DITCH THE TUMMY TUCKER Yes, I know, you will say I had just bought so many and now I am saying throw them out. I am probably out of my mind. No, I am not. And I will tell you the reason, why I am saying this. When you wear your favorite tees, tops,dresses without tummy tucker, you will understand how much you want to lose. Do not remove those lovely tops after analyzing your body. Be bold and go out and yes be conscious of the fact that how much you need to exercise next morning

So yes, ditch those tummy tuckers, buckle up your shoes and hit the road. The inspiration to work out is right there, hanging in front of you!

Views expressed is my personal opinion

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