I wake up with Shit

Yes, it is shit everywhere in both the senses.

My favorite question to my mother is, “Did they do the potty well, and how many times with the younger one?”

In the night, I keep on smelling my boy’s diaper, to ensure that all is well. Does he need to be changed? I do not have any smelling sensation these days thanks to my two and half years of motherhood. I have smelled so much of their shit in the past 54 months!

A funny incident validated that my smelling senses are gone. I was putting the diaper on my younger one, with only the zero light bulb on. My daughter was lying next to the boy. I removed the briefs and was about to put the diaper on, when my daughter said, “Mumma he has done potty.” Really? She said, “yes mumma, yucky smell.”

I turned on the light and yes, she was right. Because of the darkness, I was not able to see the shit and thanks to my ever-blocked nose; I could not smell either. I was thanking her nose for that. Had she not smelled it, it would have been an awful night for the boy, not to mention the diaper rash. She was the savior of the moment.

By the way, other people have an alarm to wake them up in the morning, and my alarm is my boy’s uneasiness or the agonized cries when he soils his diaper exactly at 4:30 am and sometimes at 5:00 am, without fail, every day.

The regular morning routine is taking deep breaths, stretching, and praying for a beautiful day ahead. Hold on; I do not have the luxury to perform these actions. I do wake up with the shit, with the most urgent concern to get out of the bed and try to soothe him so that his cries do not wake up my daughter.

Imagine two crying babies early morning. I rush to the other room and then the tussle begins. He wants to sleep, but he also wants to be cleaned up without being bothered. These ten minutes become a war situation where both parties want to win. After cleaning up the poo, all I need is a cup of tea to carry on my daily business.

Earlier I used to cringe when any conversation used to steer towards the shitty subject. Motherhood gives you a new perspective to accept the shit around you, clean it up and move on to another task. There is no time to mull over.

There are instances when my babies and my niece have delivered the stuff straight in my lap or on my hand! I do not even remember when the last time the kids were cleaned up by their father.

One of my friends narrated an incident. Her house is very close to a shopping mall. She had gone to the mall to pick up few things. Both father and son were at home. While the mother was away, the kid did his toilet round. Now who will clean him up? Father called up the mother to return and attend the emergency crap!

My story is not for weak-heart souls, and only a mother has the super power to take the shit wholeheartedly. I think another 3–4 years this shit will not trouble me! Until that time, I will bear with the natural alarm.

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