The Chocolate Story

Holiday visits from friends, family and guest can prove difficult at times. One familiar scene that often makes moms cringe from my own experience…

“Hi there kiddo!”

My daughter runs and hides behind me.

“What’s your name? If you will tell me your name, you will get a chocolate.”

My daughter does not eat chocolates, so she ignores the request and returns to her toy world. The guest is confused so I step in to clear the air, and inform them that my daughter practices a no-chocolate diet! It is usually followed with that kind of look which says “What kind of mother she is?”

You can call me a very strict mother, but right from the beginning I have taught my daughter that chocolates, sweets etc are bad for her teeth. They will get a cavity, her teeth will turn black, and the doctor will administer an injection in her mouth. I explain this to the guests, and they get into a trauma.

How can a child not eat chocolate?

I have a sweet tooth and have had a couple of root canals done. I still shiver at the thought of when I had to visit the dentist during my second pregnancy. Dentist’s visit are not a welcome sight, and anybody who has had their share of experience with dentists will agree. I show the silver capping to my daughter, and she can make it out the difference between the white teeth and the “other treated teeth.” She can understand but not the grownups.

“No, she does not eat chocolates.”

“Why, Oh My God?”

“I have taught her that it’s not good for her.”

“But one bite will not do any harm.”

“Kids do not understand if one bite should be taken or the entire bar, and then it follows with the second packet .”

“Baby come. Take a small bite.”

I always give up with pestering guests/relatives/in-laws (and even my hubby sometimes,) and have to act like a warden. I nicely take those chocolate bars and put them in the freezer, out from the kids reach. The bars work for me though, when I am under stress and need sugar intake!

I am myself, guilty of taking chocolates and candies to my brother-in-law’s house. I was not a mother at the time and did not understand the repercussions. Why did I use to pick up chocolates? Chocolates are easy to get and a no-brainer gift item. You just pick it up, and hence the guests who come to my house also follow the same routine. Once you become a mother, your entire outlook towards everything changes. I wanted to list few things for all of us to follow when paying visits to families who have kids:

Do not have time to pick up an appropriate gift , pick up fruits ! You can find them easily.

If you are paying a visit during tea time , pick up snacks items. If it is during lunch/dinner time, offer to prepare a dish. The mother will be more than thankful.

For toddlers, balloons and balls always strike a chord. You can become friends with the kids while blowing up balloons for them.

I would like to make a plea to all the folks out there that the saying, “the mother knows the best,” is true. So, rather than picking an argument with a mother on why the kids are not being treated with chocolates , change your approach. I do not mind if guests do not bring anything. Kids are kids. At a tender age, they do not understand what is good or bad for them. Lend a helping hand and take fruits and veggies next time! Your effort will be highly appreciated. Kids are not to be blamed for picking up bad habits. It’s because of adults convenience that they are exposed to all this. Let them grow up, and they will decide if they would like to binge on chocolates or fruits.

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