Motherhood Idiosyncracies

A mother does not trust anybody ! A bold statement to make but it’s true.Mothers are the best and if their child is with somebody else ,they have this thought that they will not be able to take care of them , the way she can.Which is true !Forget about a third person , they do not trust the child’s father as well.

It’s pretty normal and if I get weird looks from other people , I really don’t mind it.I am not a helicopter parent but 90% of the thoughts which are in my head are draped with worry.When I leave her to the school ,is the teacher good enough ? Hope the teacher is not beating mischievous children . What if any other kid hits my daughter ? Is she safe there ? And many more questions like this.

If somebody else or her father is feeding her : Did she eat properly ? Did she finish the full plate ?

I constantly worry about my children.My doctor once told me , “ All that a baby needs is ; food and a clean nappy “ Most of the other worrisome thoughts are the creations of my own head.

I was also thinking why I insist on doing certain tasks for my babies even when I am dead tired.Probably the guilt where I am not able to spend 24 hours with them.By indulging in routine chores with them , I am able to have a conversation with them and catch up on the lost hours.And for stay at home mothers , because they are the ones who complete the day to day activities in a certain way , that must be the reason.

Another thing which I have noticed in myself is ; my tentacles are on a high alert when an unknown person interacts with them.My mind starts analyzing that person if he/she is good enough to talk with babies.That is the reason , I have a repulsion when any stranger starts coochy-cooing my little ones , at the airport , in malls etc.I can understand that adorable babies do spark this kind of reaction.I would suggest a broad smile will work instead.I do that when I see cute babies or toddler antics around.

You can not challenge a mother.If she says , this is right for the baby , bow down and accept it.A mother is always right.

PS:The intention of this post is purely towards the funny side.Enjoy the humor and idiosyncrasies of a mother !

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