Read, Write, Market.

Read, Write, Market.

Read, Write, Market

Cut, Define, Stick


I am making a conscious effort to make that a part of my daily routine. If anything which I am doing does not align with my goal, then it’s not worth pursuing.

One of the areas which are close to my heart is continuous learning and keeping abreast with the latest marketing tactics. And of course, at present, it’s all about ABM. I attended a webinar which was hosted by Strategic ABM in the Let’s Talk ABM series. Mathew Kent shared his views and Declan Mulkeen was moderating it. The webinar shared practical insights and I would like to share some of my key takeaways:

1. ABM is all about Engage, Influence and Convince

2. You need to know which are the “Must Win Deals and Pivot Deals” identified by the Account Team

3. Is your Pursuit Marketing and Deal Based Marketing influencing the Velocity of the Deal

4. Knowing and understanding the academic side of ABM is good, but that’s not what will align the Sales and Marketing Team. You need to “Demystify ABM for your Account Team”

5. Business Outcomes and not tactics matter

6. Look at different deal stages and if you are aligning ABM efforts to different stages of the sales cycle

7. The key to the success of the ABM Program depends on your timing as well

8. You need BIG Commitments and a long term approach

9. How to measure the ROI of your ABM Strategy? Three words describe it all: Revenue, Reputation and Relationship

10. How many contacts, did you land and expand and were you able to enrich the contact data? How are they engaging with you? Were you able to move the needle on the Engagement

I was completely bowled over with this Statement from MathewKent

💯 If it’s a MUST WIN deal for you and you are not benefiting from ABM Efforts, there are very LESS chances that you will close that deal💯

💥 Didn’t he nail it with this remark? I mean the importance of ABM was stamped in indelible ink. 💥

I will be sharing my learnings on ABM regularly and the one which is next on my To-Do list is Book Review of ABM is B2B by Sangram Vajre ✍️

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