Book Review The Whole Shebang

It’s a rare occasion when a book exposes you to all set of emotions in a humorous way. And when we talk about serious topics like marriage and motherhood and yes how can we forget the “F” word finance , humour generally keeps itself away from them.But I loved the way Lalita talks about them. There is no one word in which I can describe the book. To understand what I mean , you have to pick up the book of course. If I want describe the gist , it’s a book which does not glamourize womanhood .Yes we are woman and we have our own set of challenges. ( and most of them are created by ourselves , let’s stop blaming the other gender for it ) I am tempted to term that after funnybones , this has become my next favorite.No parallels shoud be drawn ! I could relate to this book when it describes friendship , finance , motherhood , late marriage. Lalita is an amazing writer and I would encourage all the men not to give this book a pass please.

She has given a whole new dimension to the “F” word.

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