Change is the only Constant

Change is the only Constant

Its been six months that I did not write any blog post. I knew that was coming with the new assignment and challenge which I have taken up. I started a new journey with X0PA AI as a Global Marketing Director. woohooo yes, there is never any late time to celebrate the good news.

It was a major shift in terms of big culture change, how things work, close knit team, as I had entered a workforce from 4000+ colleagues to 50+ team. I will lie if I say it was not overwhelming. It was indeed. But then when did leaders say that change is easy and a quick shift is not for weak hearted. After six months, I feel proud on all the learnings which I had, and how I am able to maintain a healthy routine. Because an overworked mind, never produces great solutions.

My top three from the past six months are:

  1. Agility, and willingness to change
  2. Fail Fast, learn and move on
  3. Test, test and keep on refining your tests until you reach to that magical conclusion

My top three is providing me a rock solid foundation for an uphill ride for the next four and half months. And a very intriguing question from Sangram: what’s your lane of genius? Trust me, when I saw his post, the way we always underestimate ourselves, I thought, do I have one? I wrote it in caps in my notebook and made sure that was pondering on this everyday. And yes I did discover mine.

I never give-up. I don’t give up on my dreams and goals.>

Take a pause, do think about your lane of genius. We all have hidden it somewhere.

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