And Art comes for rescue

And Art comes for rescue

When everything else fails , Art comes for rescue..when your mind is off the target and you are shooting in all the directions and of course none will hit the bull’s eye which leaves you wondering what are you doing and everything appears meaningless ( though you will not accept that the approach lacks structure ! )..During these low times , best remedy does not appear in the form of medicines but any form of this three letter word..


You might say that talking to closed ones help but in many situations when the external circumstances are so overwhelming that their words fall on deaf ears and you feel more overwhelmed and lost , tuning yourself to any of this surely help :

Read..Read and Read : This is the best healing therapy which works for me in any situation…Whether I am feeling low or on a high ; reading brings me back to the stable level.Opens up new window , provides a new direction and also gives me the ability to look at a situation with a fresh perspective.Dust off your books and it’s time to pull them out from the closet.

Write..Write and Write : Do you recall the time when your best friend was your small little “secret” diary ? Those pages witnessed the fights which you had , your school crushes , how jealous you were of that girl and numerous other things.Diary ( or journal which we term it now ) writing STILL works.It’s not at all old fashioned and you will be amused to see how your handwriting changes with your moods !

Music..Music and Music : I start my day with any devotional soothing music ( or shabads ) It has an amazing effect while I am finishing the morning kitchen chores. Early mornings topped up with great music has a magic.You would like to replay the mornings again and again in your head.

Draw..Draw and Draw : Do you have a slight flair of sketching ? Paint , draw , sketch or doodle ! You will love the creations . It has a hidden advantage ; when you are searching for an image for your article / post , you do not need stock photos , you can use your own creations !

And in the end these two action words will ensure that you get a good night sleep !

Thank,Thank and Thank : In this mad rush , I used to miss how lucky I am to have my family around.My two adorable babies , loving hubby and my mother around me.Stressful moments made me a “shouting mom “ who was always angry and saying NO.Thankfully better sense prevailed and now I do not leave my house without kissing them goodbye and uttering I love you to them ( and continuously striving to be a good mother shoving off anger while dealing with my toddler).I am thankful and lucky to have my loved ones around me and thats my most precious asset.Say thankyou and be grateful of life.

Stop,Stop and Stop : Put an end to the constant conversations happening in your mind.Its not needed and you will never benefit out of it.It only creates misery and add to your sorrows.

Actually most of the times we know what will solve our problems and how to keep away bad stress from our lives.Its just that we act lazy and unwilling to take that extra step.

Be Arty..Keep smiling and stay happy.

Shikha Creates the Zing factor in Marketing | Books are my Best Friend , Tea is my favorite beverage & Travelling to places is my hobby | A story teller.
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