Tread with Caution

Many times I feel like giving myself a pat on my back.Yes, it’s crazy.With a hyperactive toddler and an infant, life does seem to be a roller coaster ride.There are moments when I did not have time to comb my hair, brush my teeth or simply visit the washroom.But I had my babies neatly dressed, perfectly combed and yes I did take them to pee every single hour.Such is the tale of a mother and I do not have any regrets in looking like a disaster or attending a party sans makeup.Thank God I did have time to wear proper clothes and comb my hair.

This journey and especially the initial years are so so so demanding that there were times I did feel where am I , what am I doing.But then the cooing of my little one and the warm hugs and kisses of my daughter made me realize that this is the best phase of my life.Very soon they will grow up and will leave my nest.And then I will be missing these days when all they wanted was to be with me.

There is no place for sanity in my world.My house is always squandered with toys, nappies, feeding bottles, baby food, strollers etc and every night I arrange everything so that the next morning brings a perfect morning.But hey , the next morning everything is out on the floor , as my daughter will want only that toy which is lying right in the bottom of the toy box!

You will always see that perfect child, that perfect house, perfect parents but you are the perfect mother for your child and can not be replaced.I remind myself this whenever I get into that trauma of ; oops my house is so dirty , why my daughter is behaving like this and many more dilemmas.My favorite topic of discussion with my hubby these days is; how well they spent their day.

If they do not eat properly, I do not enjoy my meals.My constant thought is to how to keep them engaged and make her do constructive things , how to keep them away from the electronic devil devices. And the devil comes to my rescue when I have to make her eat her food!Such is the paradox.There is no rationale to my wacky lunatic world and I long to return it to every time I am off for my day job.

P.S.: Do not try to find a structure or an objective for these posts The thoughts are coming straight from a mother’s heart , so expect hysteria , ups, and downs , emotions at large ! Tread with caution , an unseen toy might come your way

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