Book Review The Second Chance

I am a strong believer in the “chance situations “which life throws at you.I loved the opening line of the book “To: all who got a second chance and changed their life “ I received a DM via Twitter if I would like to review a book for an unpaid review. My stock of reading lot was getting over and I was happy to receive the copy. I signed up for it. Before delving into what’s the book all about, I would like to point something about the cover. I did not like it as it gave me an impression of a text book or something related to non-fiction. But then I gave the cover a miss and decided to delve into it.

The book was easy to read and a simple story which was well told. The thing which struck me was: not everybody will get a second chance and we better fix our acts in this life! In the madness to achieve success we do commit unpardonable acts and which we might not realize at that point but we have to pay for that in some or the other manner.

The book glorified the concept of good karma. Simple age-old mantras are forgotten in today’s digital world.

Nice story which depicts that; power and money should not corrupt us but provides us with an opportunity that we should give it back to the society.

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