Are you sorted with your GTM strategy

Are you sorted with your GTM strategy

If you believe that ONLY MARKETING owns GTM strategy, then there is a lot of UNLEARNING which you need to do!

This feels like a movement. I had never experienced this “tsunami” type of situation before where marketing concepts are going through a major overhaul, or I would say that we are going back to the core. GTM is the most widely discussed topic right now. During a recent thought leadership series hosted by Peak Community where Sangram Vajre was in conversation with Tim Kopp and Bryan Brown, I was in a dilemma about what to jot down, as I wanted to absorb everything what three stalwarts were discussing! I got few pointers:

  1. When we started the concept of the book, we had a list of 50 questions and then as the book progressed and took shape, four questions emerged which form the MOVE framework.
  2. There is no standard definition of GTM, and mind you, GTM is like a product.
  3. (Intelligent, Aware) Marketers understand that “Lead” is not the answer.
  4. The entire conversation felt like that I am hearing the audio version of the book.
  5. Who will be the most reluctant to adopt GTM strategy.
  6. There was a lot of discussion on the adoption of GTM strategy and it culminated around that there will not be a specific question which will resist it, but an individual mindset who will refuse to imbibe GTM.
  7. Revops is the new lever, and if marketing thinks that their “secret dashboards” are only for their consumption, and after looking at the vanity metrics, they can find joy in it, then they are wrong.
  8. Understanding TAM/ TRM is crucial. Companies only focus on TAM and fail to narrow their focus on TRM. There was a comment during the discussion that you should always expand your TAM and I would like to add that with expansion in TAM, one needs to see what’s the impact on TRM.
  9. GTM is that connected gear which brings marketing, Sales and customer success together, and let’s not leave Revops behind.
  10. Read the book and check out the templates and scorecards posted here

So the imminent question who owns GTM and out of the below from MOVE framework, which question poses the biggest challenge for marketers:

  1. Who should we MARKET to?
  2. What do we need to OPERATE effectively?
  3. When can we SCALE our business?
  4. Where can we GROW the most?

For me, I believe second bullet is where most of the time we hit a dead end. What are your thoughts?

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