Cover Feature Reveal

Cover Feature Reveal

WO-BRIGHT, Second Edition, December 2021: Cover Feature, Zinal Doshi- Founder The Flapper Life

This is a sneak peek.

I keep on hunting for stories where, with zero/ less marketing budget, people achieve success and can establish their brand. It speaks a lot about the value proposition and what is the category they are creating in the market. For the upcoming December issue of WO-BRIGHT, I was in conversation with Zinal. We had long discussions on how the collaboration will work out. It was extreme delight when we decided we will go for the cover feature with her and feature her dream project, The Flapper Life.

I am going to save the excitement on her journey till the issue gets released! But I could not resist asking her few questions related to branding and her view on marketing.

❓What is the importance of marketing while building The Flapper Life?❓

💯Marketing is the backbone for any business and so is for The Flapper Life. For us, marketing is not only a means to build trust and confidence, but inspire women to take the plunge to meet her adventurous self.

🤩Do check out the way they have built up the community on Facebook and Instagram. The keywords articulating the essence of their business will surely stand out for you.

❓Is Zinal The Flapper Life or Flapper Life is Zinal? Do you bring your personal brand essence into Flapper Life or you keep both apart?❓

💥The Flapper Life is about a woman and her freedom, independence, thoughts, perspective and her dreams. It will never be about one person, it is and will always be about the entire tribe. Every kind of woman will find something for herself with The Flapper Life.

This was interesting for me as many times we remember a brand because of the larger-than-life image of the founders/ key people e.g. Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Narayan Murthy, Tatas!

Watch out the space when we release the December issue.

Zinal Doshi

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