Do you love Crowd

Do you love Crowd

Do you always want to be in the Spotlight with thousand eyes gazing at you?

Crowd or Handful

💖What works for you 1000+ connections or 5 special mentors on whom you always rely on advice?

💖What’s your belief: The more you hit, the higher are your chances of returns or you have put this philosophy in the dustbin as you believe this “used to work” in olden days of “cold-calling” business or email blasts but now a total waste of time.

💖Our brain gets overwhelmed with the continuous stream of information being shared by our connections. I am ok with this. No, I get crazy, I need to clear my feed. What’s your choice?

💖Do you know each one of your network connections inside-out? Are all those fan followers “real people”? or you are just getting consumed by the numbers!

💖When I am scrolling through different Insta Posts, the interactions and conversations which happens in the comment section give me a sneak peek into the behaviour of the profile person. Would you be able to cope up with 1000 comments? It might give you a kick from an analytical point of view but how will you take advantage of all those conversations?

💡On a Side note, Account Based Marketing was not a preferred medium by Sales just like that! A very Subtle connection between my post and ABM. Keen to hear your thoughts if you are in sync with me!

Shikha Creates the Zing factor in Marketing | Books are my Best Friend , Tea is my favorite beverage & Travelling to places is my hobby | A story teller.
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