Top Ten Marketing Takeaways POST5

Top Ten Marketing Takeaways POST5

Do you know the concept of “Relationship Flywheel” discussed by Pablo Gonzalez?

When you craft your approach around Go-to-Market, everything falls in place. Recently I attended Pablo Gonzalez session on Tying Community to the Center of Go To Market In 1 Play: The Relationship Flywheel which he had conducted for PEAK Community. His energy blew me. On a side note, happy to hear somebody who speaks as fast as I do! (Though I am working on to modulate my voice.) Diving straight in my key takeaways:

  1. Community escalates the crucial pillars of product, marketing, Sales and Customer Success.
  2. Community is the future of Business Creation. (I plan to read the book which Pablo references, David Spink’s The Business of Belonging.)
  3. The relationship which he cites with Talk-Show is insightful and when he brings the concept of 1:1, 1-few and 1-many, we know what he referenced to.
  4. My favorite part comes in when presenters share in the stats on how it helped them. Reach, meetings are ok, but when you tie in the “revenue” figures, that’s where one get’s up from the chair as you know that that’s the stats which shows that you are talking about KPI driven marketing and not something which is fancy and short termed.
  5. Acknowledge people’s value. His personal story moved me.
  6. The more you make the stage about others, the more community becomes valuable.
  7. Long-term success of a community depends on what kind of revenue engine you have set up and what’s the growth pattern.
  8. If you are going to engage enough, you will be the star on the stage.
  9. Make the value obvious. And this is so exemplified by Sangram Vajre for PEAK Community.

10. The strategic shift comes in when “co-creation” is at the heart.

And the one which is really EPIC and I am going to pin this up on the board:

It’s more powerful to be a king-maker, than a KING

Do connect with Pablo on LinkedIn and strike a conversation!

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