Top Ten Marketing Takeaways POST6

Top Ten Marketing Takeaways POST6

Lisa Sharapata, Justin Keller and Nicholas Cappas on Branding!

I can not get enough about Branding, as of course this subject is very close to my heart and I am “obsessed” about this topic! And it’s justified!! So, when I saw a session on How to develop a brand strategy w/ Lisa Sharapata, Justin Keller, and Nicholas Cappas dedicated in PEAK Community on my favorite subject, I of course immediately plugged in it. Bonus was: I was about to hear the wisdom nuggets coming from the influencers.

Bang on, Brand On!

  1. We all have our understanding of Brand. I would definitely like to know from you, what does Brand mean to you? Presenters mentioned Brand is how someone describes you, defines you, and how they think about you. It’s not that extra topping on the ice-cream of color/ tagline/ logo et al., but it goes beyond it. It’s your reputation.
  2. Brand= Personality.
  3. I will definitely discuss the concept of “Brand Prism” with Justin Keller. Justin mentions that since their team does a lot of risky stuff, he does a check with his company values. If they can tick the boxes, then they are doing fine with the branding activities.
  4. Brand should become a part of your character and Brand should exude it.
  5. I loved one of the comment on, “there are different segmentation involved around Brand.
  6. What stage Brand comes at play.
  7. How to measure? The favorite question which we keep on asking to each other. Can you measure Brand and How?
  8. Brand evolves. Does Brand grow because of the product or it’s the other way around. One needs to check what’s happening in the market at the macro level and if there are any steps need to be taken on re-branding.
  9. Hilarious! You do not understand Product Marketing, because you are at the Branding side!!

If Brand can make you “like” them, then it can also make you “dislike” them. Whew!

I was out of breath after this session!

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