Book Review The Peshwa The Lion and The Stallion

I am not a person who loves history and can rattle all the important dates, kings, the era with an impeccable ease.During school days, it used to be a mammoth task to remember who was the father, when he died, how many battles did his son fought and not to forget the number of wives they had.I am not even counting their sojourns.So what made me pick this book.2016 is that year where I am being a bit bold in what I am reading.I am not limiting myself to only English authors, no hard feelings for Sidney Sheldon’s books and slowly loosening my obsession with all the authors/poets who contributed to my first journey in the reading world.(I am referring to the likes of George Elliot, John Donne, Plato, Wordsworth)They are still my first love!

So yes this year, I have picked up all the genres and when I saw that this book is up for review on Writersmelon; one part of me said a big NO and the other part screamed go read it.I picked this book and was ready for the battle to remember everything right from the years, various characters, horses names.Sometimes I feel history books resembles Charles Dickens house!

I like this book.Why? Because history was well backed up with philosophical notes.The father son relationship, the husband wife relationship, the reactions when Peshwa saw his first child, his feelings towards the new born, his unrelenting duty towards his state and his human side.He did not hesitate to admit that when he was entering the battlefield, he was indeed scared and how he felt when he killed the first enemy soldier.His courage to admit his mistake that it was during a weak moment he took the decision to spare Nizam’s life.These details are not touched by our regular history books and hence I enjoyed this book.I love to read and dissect why a character behaved in a certain manner.A reader can sense the short life of the statement when Peshwa declares his undying love for Kashibai and nobody else can share that space.

Good book to dive into the world of war, conspiracy, kingdoms, power, aftermaths of war.

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