Book Review My Father is a Hero

I signed up with Writersmelon for the review of this book.Why did I choose this book? It was a childlike curiosity on Why the title is “My father is a hero“ and not “my mother is a hero”! Sorry being a mother of two kids I always keep on bantering with my hubby that mothers are the best(and this statement is very nicely shoved under the bed)!

It’s a nice simple story of a father who is a single parent, trying to keep his house running, devising ways on how to keep up with the demands of a growing up child.It also shows the other side where we parents can not accept when a child does not get the first rank or does not excel in studies.It’s intriguing how the lead character can not come to terms with his not so glamorous life and his failings.His actions are governed by his fear that his daughter should not lead the kind of life which he is living and should get the best and “be the best”.And when this kind of pressurized environment is created, the emotions, the highs and lows via which the kid is going through is lost.

The cover gave subtle hints that it’s a journey of a single parent, who would like to see his daughter succeed in life.The gait of the father suggested that he is weighed with the life situations and something is not right.Good fiction written with parental ease.It solidifies the eternal truth that when it’s a question of your child’s wish and the smile on their face, parents can travel thousand miles and leave no stone turned.Pick it up to experience the meandering ways of life.

A quote from the book with which I can relate to the core.

“When you love someone, you care so much for him that you tend to drive yourself crazy with worry”

It’s a different world of parents and kids.The emotions, the ebbs and flows, the decisions, your reactions.I loved delving into Vaibhav’s world and getting to know his side of the story.

Good book which can be finished in one go.

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