Book Review Rightfully Wrong,Wrongfully Right

When you are reading a book without any expectation, and you are reading the work by that author for the first time, reading becomes easy ! You do not know about that writer writing style.You just go with the flow and accept the things in its stride.No complaints , No if’s and but’s , No questions are asked.If you are keen to learn about the artist, you would know about her via other reviews, her social profile and how many books has she penned.My experience about Rightfully Wrong and Wrongfully right was exactly like this.I enjoy a book more when I do not have any preconceived notions about an author.

I wanted to finish the book in one reading but alas.When I was not reading, I was thinking about Viraj and Gayatri.What will be Gayatri’s next move? Will Viraj loosen up a bit? Was there a difference between a stone wall or Viraj? It’s an easy read with the slight dose of Hinglish words.I like the wave-like movement of the characters, theirs ebbs and flows. I divide the fiction work into two categories: real characters and far from reality.Rightfully Wrong and Wrongfully right characters are real.Gayatri’s emotions are real.She had her share of love, jealousy, submissiveness, fear, trauma.In real life as well, a personality does not take proper shape unless we go through all the tides and then we emerge as pure gold.The grind is needed.Else it will be like similar to growing up with a silver spoon.Certain situations will make you realise that “ characters are at war either with their selves or with the world.”The tension which emerges from the mind and heart battle is nice to read.

It seemed like a movie to me and if you want to enjoy a Bollywood like story without going to a theatre , I would recommend this fiction.For some time, The Lab will become your abode.Do not be surprised if you are uttering statements like this “ Viraj, don’t let her go “ “ Gayatri where have you vanished “ “ Nadini, please shut your mouth “

Let the confusion prevail in rightfully right, wrongfully wrong world..oops,no its the other way around! Enjoy the read.

‘I received a copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.’

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