Book Review Finding Juliet

I was interested to read this book because of two reasons: One because of a unique pen name and second because it hinted that it’s a love story.I will not comment if I liked the book or not but there are certain stereotypes which I would like to share:

Physical appearance, your looks do matter

Apart from your regular job, if you excel in your hobby or pick up any art, people tend to take notice

Growing up years are always filled with confusion

Parents are always sidelined when a choice need to be made between friends/girlfriend / boyfriend and them

Several short-term flings or various sex escapades makes us realize that true love is hard to find

The person who cares about you the most, we tend to hurt/ ignore that person the most

Looks are deceptive and sometimes hollow as well

We find ourselves through others

We see things and yet we do not absorb We read lines and yet we do not understand them We feel love and yet we remain untouched by it

If the post got you thinking for a while, even for one second , do read the book.

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